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Rašeliniště Malá Jizerská LoukaTorfmoor Malá Jizerská LoukaTorfowisko Mała Łąka Izerska (Malá Jizerská Louka)

Peat-bog Malá Jizerská Louka

State nature preserve is the second biggest peat-bog in the Jizera mountains. It lies in the almost imperceptible valley of the Jizerka, to the north-west of the village of the same name. Acces to the preserve along the Smědava - Jizerka road according to the tourist signs of the nature study path which ends here. In this country the peat-bog is a unique example of peat meadows with pools and small lakes, knee-pines and dwarf spruce trees. Occasionally the visitor comes across a juniper tree and a downy willow. The Jizerka, Safírový and Pařezitý rivers flow through this part of the mountains.

Several sights to peat-bog

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